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Products: Super Solar Sipper Wild Bird Watering Station

super Solar Sipper Model 10040

super Solar Sipper Model 10040
Model 10040 Super Solar Sipper

The Model 10040 solar heated portable fresh drinking water station for wild birds is designed with birds in mind to go where they go at any time of year. Tough plastic cover keeps water clean for a day's drinking while the patented top design keeps enough solar heat to keep water from freezing to 15 degrees F. all day in winter sun, depending on sun and wind conditions.


Three part precision construction. Durable plastic for hygienic cleaning and many years of service. Innovative, environmentally sound air insulation system. Tested in Boston, MA.  Performance in other areas and latititudes may vary. Accessory mounting bracket, Model 10004, (screws included) available at extra cost.

"I have been developing a mathematical model of the thermal performance of solar sippers under various weather conditions. I have also been monitoring the temperatures of solar sippers during winter conditions. The average ambient temperature during the daylight hours varied from 7 F to 18 F and averaged 13 F. The new HDPE solar sipper (Model 10040) water did not freeze during daylight hours."
--John Duffy, J.J. Associates, Winchester, MA 1998
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